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Ollywood-Reporter #24: Vorfreude

In der heutigen Folge geht es um Vorfreude. Ich bin sicher, dass ich in dieser, hoffentlich bald olympischen Disziplin, nicht zu toppen bin. Im speziellen geht es um die Vorfreude hinsichtlich des neuen PCs.

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Ein Kommentar zu “Ollywood-Reporter #24: Vorfreude

  1. funny things, chose irtnnestieg people and (I presume) cut hours of material down to a couple of minutes.Julian Morrow hijacked the PA system in some American train station for about 15 seconds. That was a whole item.And then of course there was Chas Licciardello’s Botox effort. It can’t be a coincidence that he looks a lot like Johnny Knoxville. And. It. Wasn’t. Funny.Brett made the point that CWOE has been hobbled by recent ABC editorial knee-jerking, but it was never funny. Ever. The first series was just as devoid of wit, just as desperate to offend people and just as desperate.The most annoying aspect of all this is that we know they can be funny. We’ve seen it.I remember, in the lead-up to the first series of CWOE, reading an interview in which Chris Taylor (I think) admitted that 25 half-hours per year would be very difficult to fill. He was right.

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